Thursday, July 16, 2009

hiii!!! whats up peoples?? ^_^ i'm really happy today cause Shadow lovely is comin up here tomorow!!! WOOTNESS!!! ^_^ But i'm not cause i have to see jeremiah today...>.<>.< i'd rather lie to someone then they be dead cause i don't i lie. everyone's happy!! lol not really...but w/e. *shrugs* i shall live.

I can't wait till my b-day party!! it shall be sweet!! i'll be 16 finnaly!! get my licence and my mom's car!! WOOT WOOT!!!! 2 of my bf's are planning my party. I love my friends...its not till august but still.

I shall be loggin off now, so ttyl!!!


10:21 AM

Friday, June 19, 2009

whats up?? i'm bored and bout to go to a pool party with the guard, then have friends stay the night. ^_^ I love my friends, and makin new friends. And if i'm ever down there always there for me, i can always talk to someone and they'll atleast try to make me feel better. I am a very different person. Cause god a DJ, life is a dance floor you get what your given, its all how you use it. I love pink, the singer NOT the color. She is like my Idol. So are the Dixie chicks, and yes i know, its werid cause ones pop and the other is country. I'll listen to almost anything, but i have a very low tolerence for rap. I just don't like it, don't ask. Well, i must be going! ttyl peoples!!

9:16 AM

Monday, June 1, 2009

1:36 PM

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